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Menachem Yaffe

"In a Medley of Colors" - Works in mixed technique

Born in Jerusalem, 1980, to a religious family, already at an early age Menachem Yaffe was drawn to express himself through art and music, trying to unite all of the worlds to overall perfection.

At the age of fourteen he saw a book of Van Gogh's art for the first time and found himself drawn like a magnet to the elements of light, space and combination of color in the artists work. He began his own artistic work, experimenting with both bold and pastel colors, and copying Van Gogh's drawings which had totally captured him. Through them he began to search for his personal expression.

At the age of 16 another upheaval began in his stormy soul and Menachem returned to his religious roots and to study in the Yeshiva, at that point Menachem began to integrate painting and playing music in harmony with Jewish tradition.

Menachem's delicate soul which knows ups and downs, was constantly absorbing the sight, sounds, and smells which would unite to compose songs and inspire a tremendous burst of painting.

Menachem Yaffe goes from the known and the familiar and sails on the strength of his imagination and his creativity to far off places while experimenting with different techniques. He paints while listening to music, and as with the chicken and the egg, does the music inspire the painting or vice verse, so much so that they become one almost inseparable entity such that someone who knows to navigate his way, will find himself in a magical work of song and prayer, a whirl of color which expresses the Creator. Menachem's art is an overall intense intoxication of sensitivities which grows and intensifies as it paves the way to exalted realms.

Menachem Yaffe is an autodidactic artist. His earliest exhibition was at the Jerusalem Municipal Gallery on Jaffa Street, Jerusalem in 2006. This past October, 2008, his work was exhibited at the International Artists Exhibition in downtown Jerusalem. Menachem's paintings are presently exhibited in the Marrachi Gallery in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem.

"Most of my paintings are influenced by music and by my spiritual mentor - Van Gough. I believe that anyone blessed with talent in any field, must use it to create for the soul that cries out and searches for expression, because it is God's gift." (Menachem Yaffe).

To be in touch with Menachem please call 052 7-640-768 or 0547-922-969 Or email - hainsof@gmail.com


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